Thursday, 6 May 2010

Epic ride starts in a few hours after a few hours sleep!

Just finished packing to go to Wales with the students tomorrow but I have to be up early to vote before I go. The bike is prepped with flashing lights etc to make me more visible to the blind car drivers that race up behind you beeping their horns when they spot you at the last minute. I had to swap the front wheel at Halfords today after the original was not holding its true and spokes were loosening up. Good to their word though and without any hassle they swapped the wheel for a brand new one with a new Conti tyre to boot.
So the ride is 111.2 miles to Capel Curig from my address in Brum. Setting off about 0830 to 0900 and hope to make it there for about 1600 riding steady with the odd rest stop. Will up date on Sunday night to the journey experiences. Gonna take the A458 then the A5 all the way through. Gulp!


Turbo Man said...

Ride safe Mat

Cavegirl said...

Yes, indeed, be safe. I'm riding three days back to back in my bid for the long ride. I shall read your next post with interest!