Friday, 11 June 2010

D Day beckons

Well the start is almost here. this week of preparation has been hectic at times with trying to get all the bike supplies we need and adding fablon and reflective scotch tape to our expensive steeds. We watched the solo guys set off and the latest news is the Robic is in the lead utilising the 25mph tailwind to his advantage.....hope its there tomorrow.
JC tossed a coin to see which pair would start for Team RAF Survitec Epic. We won! The start is a prosession for 8 miles and then JC and I will take the helm for the next 5hrs or so. We will 2up TT for the first 21miles then JC will drop off to the car then its into routine for the next 6-9 days.
Sleep patterns have been strange since I got here. The delays on arrival then further delays with the vehicle collections and toppedoff with a 90mile drive form LAX to Oceanside. The last 10miles were a blurr. I may have slept for some of them!!! Not really, but it was knackering. I woke this morning about midnight having gone to bed at 2130hrs and felt refreshed but went back to bed til nearly 0700 but woke up loads of times. JC was up and about about 0500 I think.

Breakfast consists of bananas, manky coffee, dodgy tea, sweet childrens cereal(cheerios etc) and very sweet pastries. This is decribed as continental. Obviously not European continental!
We have been getting small rides in each day but other than the first day these are mainly administrative.
I have seen the house from Topgun though. Its pretty derelict and the only house left standing on the block. Its fenced off and supposedly there are plans to bulid a hotel there. Photos will follow.

Today will be a route recce and hopefully massage. The waiting is over and its time to start before I put on too much weight eating pastries. Hammer time!!

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