Friday, 21 September 2012

almost the end of season....must be time to start training again!

Since the last instalment of race reports I have raced again and I can say I have quite enjoyed the prospect of the ever approaching end of race season. Despite the fact I much prefer racing to training, I am excited about the next adventure looming in March!! More on that later.

So the last race of the quad season was in Bude. The Awesome Foursome as its known, is tough! A sea swim of 800m(very long this year! 15mins last year 22min this year) over two laps with a sandy beach run and a long transition run.The bike then takes in 30km of extreme hills including a 30% climb which I am ashamed to say this year involved me walking the last 10metres. Not that easy either wearing cleats. This blog is a reminder to take a road buike next year with a compact chainset and not Q-rings on a TT set up. The kayak comes next in this change of format and the first section of a few hundred metres is open and choppy and gets progressively worse as more and more athletes take to their boats. Luckily I'm second onto the water behind Stefan Tiechert from Germany who had lead since the gun. I'm soon overtaken by a few others and loose more time at the tight turn turn at one end of the canal and the windy choppy end at the other. I do not like turning clockwise in a kayak! I doesn't seem natural to me.
The run cannot come quick enough after the 10km kayak and proceeds along the canal and up over fields and along the cliffs of Devon. I put in a fast run and move from 4th back to 2nd overall and claw back four minutes but Stefan is nowhere to be seen and finishes 2minutes ahead. I must learn to paddle faster and take a road bike.
The last race in the National Series and World Cup Series gained me more points and I had enough points to take the National Trophy Series winner but unfortunately I was one race short to qualify for the World Cup series. I blame the Channel Tunnel company for hoarding tickets and demanding £300 for an overnight trip. Just not worth it.
So next weekend is another race but an adventure race. The Fabian 4 is the Conway ascent kayak race of 13km then a 13km fell race followed by an 18km off road bike section. Hmmm! I am trying to borrow a sea kayak as it could be lumpy and bumpy. Good old Solihull Canoe Club have come up trumps unless I get a closer to home/race offer.
in between all this is the training. getting ready for Ironman Melbourne with Ali and Breezy. Flights are booked and paid for. Accomodation booked. Bikes booked. Just got to train properly. More on that later but this week so far(5 days) I have run 1hr 40min (90min Sunday to add), Kayak 4 miles, Bike 113miles(50 tomorrow to add) and off swimming now(prob about 3-3.5km).
speak soon peeps!

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