Sunday, 16 August 2009

BRAT midweek aquathlon

This week I entered the BRAT midweek aquathlon and moved up a couple of places from last time. hooray! Well it wasn't as quick as the last one but the swim was longer than last time(somehow) by 2 mins for me. Transition was poor too. I struggled to get out of the wetsuit and into my trainers. I need to re think my practice when i launch my assualt back to full fitness next year.
the run started well but i soon ran out of steam on the muddy slippery track. I didnt think i went off to quick but it was difficult to maintain a rythym and cadence. Excuses excuses!! But I did finish in 2nd place so cant be all that bad...can I?

Well I must admit I'm really looking forward to and planning next year already. It will involve plenty of biking needless to say. Roll on October and the end of my studying!

next planned timed event is Tuesday in a club 10TT as prep for the National relays with BRAT if I can get a place.

It was good to hear the other guys are doing so well. Westy doing the 25TT taking the RAF Champs. Saggs going very fast on the bike and Daz and Pete N flying on the bike at the IS Tri and not to mention bionic Brad....say no more. It makes me jealous sometimes that I'm not going so well but it's my own making and i'll be back with a vengeance. Look out Ironman Switerland 2010 cause I'm coming to take my Kona slot this time!


Daz Sharpe said...

mate, you will get your speed back, you are the daddy!!

in2triathlon said...

You'll be back mate. Just remember what got you there in the first place and do it all over again.

Just don't try to cram it all that trg in to too short a time period. :-)

Plus it will be good to see that mental bike kicking some arse next year.


Mark "Frank" Whittle said...

As Daz says, you ARE the Daddy! You'll be back, flying as you always do.