Monday, 20 July 2009

On a go slow!

I've not been posting anything for the last month due to work, work and more work ..oh and also a little embarrassment. I'm not sorry to say I don't like being beaten but I'm sorry to say I have. How I miss 2005 when I felt invincible. Well you're only as good as your last race.
So in the last month I have come 4th in the BRAT Aquathlon after an OK swim and a slowish run. I came 6th at the RAF Sprint Champs although I was 1st Vet (still not used to that term either!). And to cap it off I got overtaken on the bike by Daz and JC and I couldn't catch Brad. Well that never used to happen.Hey Ho back to the drawing board.
I have been catching up on my studying recently and maybe neglecting the bike mileage a little.
I have been picking up the training again ready for the IS race and the Relays which I'm racing with BRAT as a Vet (that term again).
I heard from Jase midweek and he told me of his soaking in our beautiful summer. On Thursday night I thought I'd go open water swimming at Bittell Reservoir and I took the scenic route(I got lost) when the skies opened and dropped an ocean on me. I considered riding home from swimming in my wetsuit but was worried about aqua planning and coming off the bike. The rain didn't stop all evening and I had to put on my wet kit to ride the 10 miles home. Nice! Good swim though. Did 2 x 1 km loops in a lovely warm lake.
I went out on a ride with the BRAT 'A' group yesterday for 50 miles but ended up as 60 miles and it was hard work. The first half was an average of 18 something mph and the final average was nearly 22mph. We were hammering a 5up TT along the A435 at nearly 40mph at one point. My legs were screaming 'PLEASE STOP!'

I've also entered IM Switzerland 2010 and considering IM Malaysia 2010 but I'm having trouble with their website trying to get all the necessary info..No scroll bar! any ideas? anyone been to KL or Langkawi and know of cheap accommodation?


Daz Sharpe said...

Hey, its not that bad being passed by me on the bike, I could understand if I was crap but I'm quite good on the bike you know!!!

Sags said...

Life is not so easy when you hit 40 mate. However, it does get better when you hit 44!