Monday, 21 September 2009

winter break in Autumn

Wow i can't believe the last time i updated the blog. Since the relays I have done the Vitruvian although severe backache and tingling toes forced me to stop during the run. It shameful being seen walking in the race when your going in the right direction but walking back is worse!! the looks you get and the 'come on mate, keep going' comments don't really help. You want to tell everyone the reason you stopped is because you risk serious injury carrying on. Pay attention you young 'uns! Not finishing is starting become more frequent...well twice this year in two middle distance events. Not great!
But .... as I mentioned in a previous blog, you have to take away a positive. Well the positive is its now the end of the season and on reflection I have achieved so much on so little and its time to recuperate and build for next year. WOO HOO.
A quick summary of achievements - PB for half marathon (1:15) , 2nd in Ironman South Africa, 2:46 marathon in London, a course pb for a club 10TT , and a National Gold at the Club Relays with BRAT. Pretty damn good considering.
So my Infectious Diseases exam is in a few weeks then the training starts. Heres looking to a fantastic 2010!!!!


Mark "Frank" Whittle said...

Mat, you're still the Daddy!

Tinman140 said...

Everyone has a bad year or racce from time to time. If this was a bad years racing then I don't fancy my chances when you have a good one!

Sags said...

A good season following your retirement break! With a wel structured winter, no doubt you will be back to 2005 form? Just don't break yourself dude!

Mat Stephenson said...

thank you all and good luck with the inpending winter. wrap up and train train train ...brrrrrr