Tuesday, 3 November 2009

winters here, must be time for torture

hi all
I know ive been quiet bon here recently but with excuses and more excuses than I can think of, well, I've just really beeen busy.
But good news. I've started training again and with a plan in mind(yet to go to paper or screen).

I started with a pootle on the bike last week which was glorious in the afternoon sun. No planned route just headed out to find some new roads and ended up back in Birmingham 1.5 hrs later. Happy days.So far.
The weekend was busy so not much happed then decided enough is enough and got the torture machine set up last night. An hour later at 100rpm and sweating buckets, despite having the windows wide open, I got off the wheeled attachment with numb testicles. Why does it do that? Is it only me or does every bloke get it??? Hey ho it felt good anyway. The ride not the lack of feeling in the nether regions.

Then this morning I got up and did an hours swim. To quote another accomplished swimmer in the pool " it is like a trout farm" avoiding the muppets who get up early to stand in the pool chatting to their friends they will probably see at work or have no concept of swimming in a straight line. GO FOR A COFFEE OR STAY IN BED and the pool is designed with black lines to make it easy to know where you are going! AAAAHHHHH
Anyway I just did a simple warm up and lots of drills.

Tonight I tried to tame the torture beast again. It still has the better of my delicate areas but after another hour I was heartened to keep trying until I can get a screw for my illuminators then its out on the tarmac.
No running yet. :-( still got a poorly foot. My heel is sore for no reason. See what the witch doctor says when I can get 5mins to go!

The swim was steady

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Turbo Man said...

Good to see you blogging again Mat, can't say I have any undercarriage issues on the turbo other than sweat making the shorts uncomfortable.