Monday, 21 December 2009

a merry xmas to all

Well folks I will be without the world wide web for a few days so enjoy the Xmas period and dont overindulge.

I have just carried out my longest stint on the torture contraption helped out by watching the classic John Wayne film 'The Quiet Man'. Two hours of turbo is more than enough for anyone. If anyone has any tips on going long(on the turbo) i'd be grateful.

see ya'll next week


Turbo Man said...

And a Merry Christmas to you Mat.

As for the turbo, there are a number of sessions that reduce the boredom. My favourite is:
Warm up.
30 seconds max effort
4 mins recovery
Do 6 reps.
Warm down
This session has supposedly been scientifically proven to replicate the physiological effects of a 2 hour L2 ride so gets my vote for making best use of time, especially in the winter months.

Mat Stephenson said...

hey nice one Turboman,
will give it a try on sunday or monday. running for the mo(carefully)