Monday, 28 December 2009

Enjoying or Enduring the Turbo?

Due to the unpleasant cycling weather I have been partaking in a spot of indoor cycling which I am surprisingly beginning to feel indifferent about .
Previously I detested the torture machine and experienced some discomfort in the nether regions including numbness in the little General! But not deterred and spurred on by a reinforced vigor to beat my Ironman bike pb(4:51) next year, I have been enthused and almost excited by the prospect of spending time on the turbo.
I did a few runs whilst in Spalding in the lead up to Christmas. I used the Spalding Triathlon run route and because of the ice it was taking me between 4-6mins longer than in race mode.
Now I am back in Brum I am trying to get arse in saddle time. Turboman has recommended a training session that replicates a 2hr L2 ride. I'm not sure of that but the session feels OK and takes your mind of the fact you go nowhere fast. Warm up(10min) then 30sec all out followed by 4min steady for 6 reps then a warm down(10min). This has been taking 47min for those too inebriated to work it out. I've done it twice now but my legs don't feel like they are doing a 2hr ride. On the plus side though I am getting 120+ cadence on the effort part and 90+ on the steady part and getting an enjoyable 47min workout. Thanks Turboman.
Tomorrow is a run with a turbo session planned for the evening again. Snow is scheduled!!!!
Any other turbo sessions are gratefully received. Anything to take the mind away from the boredom.


Sags said...

Based on perceived effort or 5 HR. Warm Up: 4 min to 60%, 5 min to 70%, 6 min to or at 75%.
3 x 3:00 of variable gear (with 1 min spin RI between each 3:00) as 40 sec medium gear (90 RPM), 20 sec 1 gear easier (100 RPM), 30 sec 2 gear harder (80 RPM. So that's twice thro the variable gear set for one 3:00 rep.
Drill: 3 x 3:00 of single leg drills as 20 sec right, 10 sec transition, 20 sec left leg. Take 30 sec spin between each 3:00.
Main Set: 4 x 5k or 8:00 keeping the effort at 75%. Take 2 min spin between each 5k.

If you get fed up with this aerobic set, during the main 5k efforts alternate 1 min at 75% with 1 min low cadence strength in your hardest gear (that's what I do at the moment).

Then go for a run dude!

Enjoy 8-)

Sags said...

Just done this strength session. Hardest gear efforts done as low cadence strength build.
Warm up 15 mins.
5 x 7:30 with 2:30 spin recovery. Each 7:30 as:

Set 1 - 75% HR or perceived effort
Set 2 - 1 min out saddle climbing hardest gear and resisitance. 1 min seated hardest gear no resistance. 5:30 at 75%.
Set 3 - 2 min out of saddle as above. 1 min seated as above 4:30 75%.
Set 4 - 3 min climbing as above. 1 min seated hardest gear as above. 3:30 at 75%.
Set 5 - 4 min climbing as above. 1 min seated as above. 2:30 at 75% as above.
Warm down.

As normal, keep your trainers handy and run off the bike 8-)

Mark "Frank" Whittle said...

Not sure I agree with the theory that X hours on the turbo equates to X hours on the road. I understand the fact that you don't coast down hills on the turbo and don't slow down for junctions, traffic, etc, but for me, X hours on the turbo equates to X hours on the turbo.
Back to the original point though, I too don't like the turbo, but it is a neccessary evil at this time of year. Good luck mate, keep us updated on your love affair with the turbo! ;-)

Turbo Man said...

Mat - I also aim to get above 120rpm in my biggest gear; upwards of 70kmh! :-)

Frank - It has nothing to do with 'time on turbo = time in saddle'. It was the result of a scientific study of 2 groups; one did the session Mat outlined and the others did 2 hour road rides. The result was that both groups showed the same physiological improvements. When the weather is like it is now I prefer to do that session on alternate days either side of 'proper' turbo sessions.