Tuesday, 16 February 2010

2nd race and a stuffed achilles

The 2nd race of the season and another X country in Bourne Woods. A friend said it was a defo for spikes so I took the advice and slipped on my old faithfuls. The first mile was fast and on an uphill track, I went through in about 8th place and in 5:35. The leader was about 20 secs ahead! The 2nd mile had a little downhill and again track, through in 11:07. Mon dieu, it is fast. Mile 3 was real X country across fields of mud and some grassy sodden tracks. Mile 4 and my achilles started to ache a little and I thought maybe it was just the unevenness of the ground and I was so looking forward to the uphill muddy part for a rest on my poor feet and the chance to take advantage in the spikes. I was still hovvering around 10th place at this point but unable to make ground without hurting more. Back onto the track for the last leg and i could not push without considerable pain. I decided to cruise home as I was headed that way anyway. I couldn't even manage to hold off for 12th place going downhill and finally walked the last few yards as it is all about the place rather than the time, although I finished in 29:33 in 13th.
Lots of pain the next day as I was unable to warm down and a massage did help a little. I tried swimming but the push offs are sore.
Today I saw the Doc who is also a top triathlete and have managed to get a physio appointment tomorrow and Friday at short notice. Some luck at least. I'm still hopeful I might make the World Duathlon qualifiers and make the squad but we'll see.
So the swimming and biking(if no pain, I did have pain on Sunday) will be taking the hit.
Watch this space for further info.... ice and anti inflammatories on the go right now!!
Spikes are in the BIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Turbo Man said...

That's tough mate. Hope the rehab/physio/ice/brandy (delete as appropriate) help you recover quickly.

Mark "Frank" Whittle said...

Train smart Mat, heal strong!

Sags said...

Eccentric loading dude! Tell me that you are still doing it?!!

Mat Stephenson said...

physio wants the inflammation to go down before loading. Lots of anti-inflamms, ice and rest(aahhhh!). 6 weeks before running he reckons- not so bad I hope!