Sunday, 17 January 2010

1st race of the year

Well I just realised it was a few weeks since my last update and since then I have mostly been trying to avoid slipping over on snow and ice.
I have since joined the Bannatynes gym at an extortionate amount of cash but needs must. It has a pool and my local is closing for refurb next month. The plus side is when its thrashing it down or snowing I can treadmill run ( another joy...not, its just so much slower and hotter than running on the road). I have also been to a few spinning classes. Jeez, they are hard. I also ran a bit over xmas along the frozen canal(4 inches thick the ice!) and did a 14miler one night incorporating the BRAT club run.
So I'm back in Peterborough working for a week or two and Breezy asked if I wanted a race with his local club Yaxley in the frostbite league.
It was 5 miles and a few hundred yards and mainly on grass fields(sodden) and farm tracks(muddy). Two steps forward one step back. The team wanted to get someone in the top ten and the eyes where focused on about peer pressure. So I set off in the pack and was counting the numbers ahead. At one point I was in 11th after about 3 miles but I latched onto the back of a BRJ runner who deflected the headwind for me and allowed me to draft him as we caught a small bunch and went through. I was in 6th with a 5m gap at 400m to go and found the energy to sprint from who knows where but it got me 5th place by 3 secs. Well done me. I was chuffed to bits as I thought I was out of shape. But then I've said that before haven't I?
Still not been out on the new bike.


Daz Sharpe said...

You disgust me! I have to work really hard to be at an acceptable level (acceptable by my own standards) yet you seem to coast by doing very little and always pull results out of the bag. I guess thats called natural ability, you either have it or you don't, I guess I don't!! Well done though on a good result.

Mat Stephenson said...

lol cheers mate. I guess I am just lucky. :-)