Sunday, 28 March 2010

The miles are racking up!

Well since getting back from La Santa and being made an official Race Across America (RAAM) team member I have been trying to focus on getting bike miles in rather than worrying about not being able to run. I'm still doing physio on the achilles and stretching etc but have moved to heat rather than ice on the affected area.
I'm managing to get decent rides interspeRsed with turbo-ing(I still hate it).I have even managed 2 x 2 hour turbo rides this week. Its tolerated and needed rather than for fun. If I had a choice I'd be ironing or cleaning or doing a 1000000 piece jigsaw of a heard of zebra rather than turbo. I have watched some DVD's whilst I'm doing it as distraction therapy and watched the RAAM DVD called 'Bicycle Dreams'. It is very inspiring and almost brought me to tears when a rider dies hitting an 18-wheeler truck. Devasting! The finish too is awesome knowing I'm gonna be there in a few months.
Last week I hit about 180-200 miles and still with 2 rest days. This week is the same. 200 miles including an 80 miler yesterday in just shy of 4hours including a crash onto the verge. Look where your going not where youv'e been is the advice!! A good round trip that had me worried when I saw signs for Oxford after heading out of Brum towards Kidderminster, Worcester, Evesham and back into town.
To cap the week of I received a 'Best Running Performance in 2009' at the BRAT awards last night for my Fleet half marathon and London Marathon results. Sarah Springman was guest speaker recalling her days as an elite athlete and European Champ and top 5 at Ironman Hawaii.
Today my legs were pretty fragged so a gentle 40 miles in 2:10 was called for to close the weekly mileage. My quads are starting to look buff again for those that ridiculed me at Henlow 10 a few years ago(John Crewe you were one of them!)
Roll on 12 June when the race starts. Follow the team at
Its gonna be an experience to remember for ever!


in2triathlon said...

I don't care if your quads are looking 'buff' mate. Your La Santa photos look a wanted poster on a dubious dating website.

Good luck for the RAAM.



Cavegirl said...

I quite like the idea of his buffed quads ... :-) must be all the track cycling I've been watching LOL!

Not long now, you head off the same day I start my End to End!