Monday, 29 March 2010

OMG am I enjoying the turbo finally?

Well folks its only taken about 19 years of messing around bikes and cycling to finally get my head round sitting in the living room pedalling a bike but getting nowhere whilst watching TV.
In the last 3 weeks I have covered about 650 cycling miles either on the road or turboing and whilst I have always been an outdoor fan come rain or shine, I have recently turned to fair weather cycling and succumbing to the piece of metalwork with a roller that interfaces with a training bike.
Lets face it indoor cycling isn't fun. You sweat buckets(well maybe a slight exaggeration), you get nowhere and the scenery is dull. On the plus side though you can have a cup of tea when you're pedalling, get off and go for a pee in a real toilet without disturbing passersby and you can watch TV or a film as distraction. But still you get nowhere!.....well actually you do get somewhere. You get the fitness that will take you forward. I'm starting to notice the difference. My quadriceps are growing and becoming more defined, my abdominals are starting to look bigger and more defined too as a result of being able to concentrate on core stability, and you don't fall off(which I did on Saturday on my 80 mile ride. I can also focus on turning circles with my feet and pushing and pulling on the pedals. All good cycling drills!
So am enjoying the turbo? Not entirely. I miss the wind on my face and a bit of green countryside but to get the mileage in for the RAAM its a necessity and I'll grin and bear it knowing I'm going to take part in a very special race that requires me to be on top endurance form. The 200 miles a weeks is far less than the 750 I will be expected to do come June. Bring it on!


Peter McCrory said...

Nice Boardman bike. You taking that to the States?

Mat Stephenson said...

yes mate just gotta add some tri bars!

Sags said...

Nice work quad man! No doubt yourcycling will be back to top form. You doing any TTs? Top off that endurance and you will be a machine! I am very tempted to move to pure cycking. Holding injuries at bay is becoming very tiresome!

Stay healthy mate 8-)