Wednesday, 28 April 2010

running at last(sort of!)

Finally I am taking part in a personal clinical trial involving a walk/run program to test my achilles tendon injury. I started on 30sec run followed by 150sec walk with a total exercise time of 18minutes. This is did every other day. This also allows me to still maintain my focus on the cycling for the RAAM which seems to be(has) taking over my spare time. I have now upped the running to 1min run and 2 min walk and increased to 24min total. I am averaging 6.5mph as the running part is up to 9.5mph. This got me thinking....... can I do this at Ironman Switzerland and get a sub-4hr marathon after, hopefully, nailing the bike and having a decent swim and still come out with a sub-10hr IM. I've got a rep to protect Hmmmmmmmmm!!!! It does rely on me having a sub hr swim(done before) and a sub-5 bike(done before). I am certainly hoping I can run a bit more by then too, and walk less.

As for the biking.... my first 10mile TT last night was average but its a start to the racing season. 23:11 and third place in the Warwickshire RC club 10. I was about 10bpm down on heart rate than expected but I did a hard 40 miler the previous evening. I might try an easier ride next monday to see if the TT is faster subject to similar weather conditions.

Next week might be my biggest ever singular training session... a 110miler. A ride from Birmingham to North Wales. I've never been into monster mileage and 4-5 hrs is my maximum so we'll see!


Sags said...

Well 23:11 is a decent start mate. All depends on course and conditions etc but sounds decent compared to my first outing of 24:20. Did 23:24 tonight on the same course - but better conditions!

Daz Sharpe said...

My biggest ever single ride is 125 miles. Also done 120 mile turbo last year! Don't think you will have any probs mate and as for your sub 10 ironman? if anyone can pull it out of the bag its you "ironmat the legend". Keep up the rehabilitation mate.

Cavegirl said...

Patience, but sounds doable!

I'm into monster miles too with my RAB ... really getting into it, this will be my last tri season me thinks and I'm only doing the Relays and Cranwell LOL!

6 weeks to go till we both ride very long :-) good luck.

Mat Stephenson said...

thanks for the encouragement. helps a lot! can i borrow the legs though!