Friday, 29 July 2011

more news!

Wow I have forgotten how to use the blog its been so long. The last blog was written last week but found it in draft as I forgot how to publish it despite pressing publish now repeatedly.
Ah well...think I've sussed it again.
So the Sprint Quad.... I was really hoping to win this and gain some valuable points in the National Trophy series. Despite being the leader I can still lose the top slot depending on the last race of the season. the swim was good in the Box End ski lake and I was pushed all the way by eventual winner Steve King but I did manage to enter and exit T1 in 1st place covering the 750m swim in 10:55. Arriving at the kayak I quickly launched and was about to pull my first stoke when I thought....hang on, this ain't my paddle! I can only assume the racking had been bumped by an overzealous triathlete in the 400m swim and mine and Ali's paddles had fallen over and re-reacked wrongly. A quick dask back to transition and swap paddles and off after Steve. I had never heard of him before but boy can he paddle. I never gained an inch and to add insult to injury I was caught on the second lap by Ian Smith, looking very smooth and rhythmical. I managed to beat Ian out of T2 and lead for 2 laps of the X-country bike course and only fell off once trying a back wheel slide around a downhill corner. On the third lap he dropped me into the headwind but I was confident my running would be good enough for the catch. Out of T3 I set about steadily catching Ian then put in a little dig before the hills to break the hold. We never saw Steve during the whole bike or run legs. Steve won, 2 mins ahead of me with Ian 3rd.
So the last race of the series is in Bude and the kayak stage comes 3rd this time which may suit me better. Wait out on that one.

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