Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Update at last

Hi followers
Long time no writey!!
so whats been happening??? so much so much.
Since last year I have completed another ironman but being injured at the time and I was walk jogging the marathon but set my heart on a sub 4 run and I did by seconds although it took a bit of effort for the last few km. But mission accomplished. The swim that day was a disaster and I nearly really I did. A punch on the back of the head when everyone jumped the start and I went down like the Belgrano. A puncture on the bike didnt help matters and I was glad to get away with a finish in under 10 and half hours.
After that I didnt really get up to much and started kayaking at Solihull Canoe Club, trying to master K1 kayaking. Did you know that the canals are bloody cold in winter.? I can testify they are colder than rivers as I fell in quite a few times.
In late November I started the Quagmire series(run/kayak/run/bike/run). Again I fell in in the first two races but was still coming in the first few finishers. In the last race I managed to stay upright thanks to a lowered seat and was able to power round the course and finished first with the second fastest time of the series to win the overall series.
I then looked to doping the national Trophy series Quadrathlon. I wanted to do all the races to improve on my multisport ability and I travelled to Aberdeen to race a point to point. The race went well with my first win. I had the fastest big leg, a good solid run and a tiresome paddle after 15.5 miles in a big heavy sea kayak afer my attempt in a wild water racer resulted in getting wet...again
A few straight forward kayak timetrials and races saw me elevated from a novice to division 6.
Onto the Challenge race where last year I was 3rd I managed to improve by 10mins on the kayak and a few mins on the run to come 2nd and the most improved athlete.
A couple of weeks ago I did the British Quadrathlon Champs and came 2nd again but this was my first full quad and I lead the group of swimmers with only 2 swimmers ahead, one of which was a relay racer. A good kayak, the fastest bike and an average run followed but still the fastest novice too.
I also have done a few triathlons. Dambuster.... 5th RAF and 1st Vet, The RAF Sprint triathlon....3rd overall.
So we are upto date except for the bike TT's I am also doing but they are by the by.
looking forward to more updates soon.
Got a Sprint Quad this weekend and the World Champs in August...
keep ya posted!!!!!!!!!!

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