Friday, 16 December 2011

Its nearly the end of 2011 and finally I have ironed out the issues with the blog that have stopped my posts from going live.
The last post was for September at the Bude European Quadrathlon Championships but since then I have picked up an inguinal hernia and had a laparoscopic repair(keyhole for the non-medical) and I have raced twice pre-op.
The first race was the Quagmire race 1 which I won but not without controversy. I won the first run leg and reached the kayak with a small lead which I extended during the kayak leg. Young Tom Stead pushed hard and was gaining on the bike leg but I manged to hold off during the second run. The controversy was whether I did 5 or 6 laps on the bike!! I counted 6 but maybe I didn't. Who knows?
The second race was different. I wasn't able to run due to the hernia but I could paddle and bike so I called upon my mate Breezy to do those legs. Tom lead out onto the river but I set about catching him before the turn and took the lead through onto the second run giving Breezy a 20second lead on Tom. Tom decided to run in his MTB shoes which possible hindered his run for the 1-mile loop allowing Breezy to come home first. Despite this Tom now leads the series and I will still be unable to train or race the next race in January. That leaves the February race to try to win the series if I can recover and train.
Plans for next year are in progress with consideration to kayaking faster in a faster kayak. Getting some proper bike training in and remaining injury free on the run side. Swimming has always been strong and I am able to knock out 22min 1500's with little training. I'm planning on getting in with a kayak club and try to get some coaching. I'd like an kayak ergo but they are like hens teeth. I'd also like a good (not so tippy) lightweight carbon kayak, a Marsport Raven or Epsilon or a Kirton Tor. I will have to sell my Laance to buy it! I'm also gonna need a new wetsuit so a few letters will be going out soon to potential sponsors. Hopefully Blueseventy will come up trumps again.
Racing wise its all about the British and World Champs and possibly the World Cup series again, and try to move up the podium. Sponsorship would be nice as money is always tight. If you are a kayak dealer an offer will be gratefully accepted.
So for now its all about recovery from surgery, taking an unexpected break from training and contemplating 2012 onwards.
Have a merry Xmas everyone and a happy New Year. See you in 2012 somewhere

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Sags said...

Ah, Mat! You're back in Blogland! Nice to see you here. Hope you recover quickly but don't go back too soon and put yourself back further!