Monday, 13 February 2012

easy does it..

2 months today post hernia op and still getting the odd niggle but then again it is only a niggle. Just need to stretch more. So a quick update on training matters and life.
Returning to training was predicted to be 3 weeks for cycling, four for running and 5 for kayaking/swimming. What really happened was a slight delay in returning to full running. I needed and extra week. I tried to start running but only for 10 minutes and didnt last that long so an extra week and a bit of stretching later and try again. It was all gradual but after a month I am now running 8.5 miles in an hour. Not superfast but I am starting to feel like a runner again and enjoying it which is the main thing. Roll on the 2 hour runs!
The biking and swimming are going well too. I have been turning up for early morning velodrome taser sessions which, now I have my blue slip to progress, are basically an hour training without traffic, wearing shorts and short sleeve tops at 20+ mph. Swimming is 2-3 times a week at Grand Central. It can be a bit congested even in a 50m pool and swimming next to the GB swim team can be demoralising but they are elite swimmers and I am a triathlete/quadrathlete returning to fitness. The friday night session was great though. Pool is split into 2 x 25m, 16 lanes, so me and Ali had a lane to ourselves.
kayaking is tricky this time of year... I did a handicap TT with the Macclesfield and District CC and did OK at my first time post-op. Not a great time and I did get stuck on top of the ice at the turn point and was a tad overdressed. Tried to kayak yesterday at Marple top lock but the canal was frozen solid!!! Oh to have an ergo trainer but they are £950!!!! and take up a bit of space.

I also got a new training partner just before Christmas. The down side is I have to wait until she grows up a bit but she can run pretty fast for a small distance. My lovely little staffie, Belle.

So now the training is ramping up. 10 sessions a week with the mileage starting to increase. Big plans for this year and next!!!!!! right I'm off to bed....swimming in the morning!

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