Tuesday, 31 July 2012

British and European Champ!

Hi all
I keep saying I will update but I end up forgetting to switch on the laptop and tend to view everything on my mobile which can be temperamental.
Well, a quick update since Feb.............no more hernia pains which is nice. Running was getting better too, swimming going well, biking ok....could do with time for more mileage but the hills compensate, and I ordered a new kayak which incidentally, I collected Saturday.

Racing wise I have been doing the odd TT hoping to get some speed work going but then the tri season/quad season starts and gets in the way. Managed to do a 5km run series and came 2nd Vet40 and managed a 16:50 and a 17:00 min run. Still didnt feel fluid but happy I'm going in the right direction.
Changed job and now get to commute 7 miles each way through 34 sets of traffic lights! 23 sets in the first 3 miles. Stockport get a grip and get the bypass built. But, I love the accelerations between lights and getting in behind buses and lorries then using the bus/bike/taxi lane.HA! And it quicker than going by car.

Kayaking is improving,... managed to win a Div 6 race but was a minute off promotion. Nearly fell in a few times too  especially in the wake of the big tourist boats. Also it was my first race of portaging(like a transition without changing equipment, effectively a run along the bank then back in) it was also my first 8miles race, double what I'm used to.

Only came third in the Brigg Adventure Challenge. Was not impressed with the paddle that day but running was good. Was up against a GB paddler and the second place was also a great paddler.

Onto the Brigg Bomber.. National and European Champs. Wow. what a race it turned out to be. I only managed to take the lead on the run after coming 3rd in the swim and only losing 3 and half minutes on the paddle to the leader. Worked my butt off on the bike to catch the German champ, Stefan Teichert and Steve King was only a minute up at the end of the bike leg.
A good steady 10km won me the titles with the world champs only a few weeks away in the Czech Republic. I'm feeling positive and swimming open water at Salford Quays & kayaking at Runcorn CC always helps.

So, this weekend the Boxend Offroad Sprint Quad then the World the week after and my son is coming along on the road trip. Could be fiery! then is a bit of training ready for the World Sprint Champs in Germany at the end of August with Bude Awesome Foursome the week after. Hopefully I can get myself some great series points at the world races then race Bude with some sleep this time.Only got 2.5 hrs sleep last year after driving nearly 9hrs from Manchester via Spalding.

Then it'll be a little break and into Ironman training! Ironman Melbourne next March.

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Sags said...

Awesome Mat! I am posted to TSW Stafford when I get back from this hole!

We must train together! But I will be out of shape 8-(