Monday, 26 November 2012

Winter training, winter racing?

So....quick update! it seems everyone is not updating like they used to. Whats wrong? I'll tell you what's word.....TIME!

Winter is here, the roads are flooded or covered in leaves(they are in Manchester. Bloody shame traffic still managed to move unlike the the trains), its cold and windy(or is that just up north?) and of course having moved the blinking clocks back to keep the Scottish farmers happy....its bloody dark on the way to work and darker on the way home.

So its nearly Christmas so lets get lit up like a Norwegian Spruce and take to the tarmac and get the miles, kilometres for our continental friends, in. Who cares if its dark? I don't. I like it more than Nosferatu because I have a decent set of lights and twisty country lanes that are almost traffic free. Its just the getting there that gets on my wick. beggars can't be choosers my Mum used to say and some ways its better to ride in the street light section to conserve a bit of battery power for the darkness.
Its all in the aid of an early season Ironman. Our winter but Australia's summer/autumn. Ah well, it worked when I raced in South Africa. Three months of winter training and straight into a 40 degree Celsius race day(with acclimatisation) and I came second. Hope it can work twice.
The biking is going well and I'm getting about 8-10hrs a week in at an average of 18mph. The running is going very well, that is to say I am enjoying the running,and I'm getting about 4-6 hours a week. swimming has been reduced for now to get on top of the other two sports and kayaking in ZERO!
I'm loving the fact that having checked out the route in Melbourne that the gradient is simply minimal compared to what I am riding and running. I gain more height on my 8.5 miles run from work than in the whole of the IM marathon and my Tuesday night 30 miles cycle home is 2/3's of the height gained. Hmmmmm is IM Melbourne too flat? I am planning to get the TT bike set up on the turbo for some fast times without compromising the run.

So here's the juicy bit.... estimated times(predictions) for Melbourne

Swim........57min(based on previous performances but hoping for a faster, maybe 55-56)
T1.............<3min p="p">Bike(hmmm pause deep breath)....4hrs 50min
T2.............<3min p="p">Run 3hrs 10min

total 9hrs 3min

what do you reckon? achievable?
honest opinions please!


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