Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Its the small things that make you smile....

It certainly is the small, normally insignificant, things that make me smile. Since last week I have managed to string together a series of training events that have all met with my expectations and I am happy with the outcomes. The piece de resistance is that tomorrow I will have a rest day whoop whoop. But like all things there is compromise.... no lay in tomorrow because I will have to drive to work early to get a parking space....but small thing again, I get to stay dry and listen to the radio and maybe I'll take a cup of tea with me. More small things today make me smile as I ponder(not reflect...too nursey orientated) my training. I have sore legs from racing 15 miles at the Folksworth 15 which is undulating and was extremely cold and windy but last night and immediate post race I had a massage so today am able to walk down stairs fairly normally.

I did a fast 3hr ride on Saturday to test my legs come Sunday and a great swim session on Friday night with lots of 100's and 50's at threshold pace. All this in aid of build up training to Ironman Melbourne next month. A steady commute yesterday and today to flush the legs has also worked wonders and although the 30 miles on the way home was an extended ride and very cold I felt surprisingly good and upbeat. Small thing again, I managed to get at least 10 miles of it in daylight.
So I get home with a smile knowing I can rest and recover tomorrow and as I take off my overshoes my little dog comes and clambers on my lap, pleased to see me and eager to lick the sweat of my face and neck. Disgusting? maybe but she loves me and she wants to cuddle up as dogs do and once again this small innocuous thing makes me smile just as ten minutes later when I am having a couple of slices of Mediterranean bread with sun dried tomatoes...yummy!

Another thing made me smile today but this one is a big thing......... I have a new wetsuit on the way courtesy of a new sponsor, Xterra Wetsuits UK http://www.xterrawetsuits.co.uk/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=61


Sags said...

Most excellent Mat! Looking forward to following your progress at IM Melbourne. Small things are what helps us get through the daily grind.

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