Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hi Ho its off to Oz we go!

well the day has finally arrived and all the cold winter training sessions behind me and today Ali, Breezy and me set off for Melbourne to race Ironman in two weeks, 24th March!!!

Good news is that I am the lightest (70.2kg) I have been since 2002 when I did my first ironman in Frankfurt. I did just under 9:45 that day and I have got better since then.........well, I should know how to race it at least. I have a strategy.

Bike packed, kidneys sold to the highest bidder, house remortgaged and ready for the BA to London and Qantas to Melbourne via Singapore and the extortionate fees for the excess baggage(bikes!)Gulp...please be kind.

Looking forward to a day at the Formula 1 grand Prix opener next week and seriously hoping fellow triathlete and cool dude Jenson Button can cream the field. LH and PDR for 2nd and 3rd would be nice but hoping for a great time anyway. Tickets only £54 for race day....somethings are cheap down under at least.

What I am really looking forward to is getting into my new wetsuit, courtesy of Xterra Wetsuits UK and getting in some open water swims. I am a racing ambassador for Xterra this year. You can read my profile below. I am racing in a Vortex Pro X3.

his is the link to the Melbourne race and you might need this one below hopefully the link to live tracker race number #1749

Ali is #1481
Breezy is #1557

The weather here looks to be on its way towards snow again but Melbourne is hitting the 30's most days. Bring it on, see you soon and hopefully with a Kona place.



Cavegirl said...

Chanced upon your blog!

I see you are still as mad as ever LOL!

Enjoy Oz and the sun and I'll be fascinated to see if you get back to Kona!

Seems several life times ago we were all there together.

Good luck

Kelda (now a grandmother ha, ha!)

Sags said...

Rock it Mat! I will be following on the live feed.