Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I could barely walk Monday and Tuesday but fortunately I had a massage booked for Tuesday night. Painful but bliss afterwards.

I went along to training with the BRAT club tonight whish is usually the efforts night. And it was.
I ran to the meeting place, about 2.5 miles away at a slow jog to warm my legs up and did some stretching before everyone arrived.
The session consisted of a jog to a lake in the University area then 30 min run involving two loops. One hilly loop at 10km pace with about 25metres ! of recovery then a shorter hilly loop at 5km pace.
I met Dale there so we completed the sets together.
My legs are now hurting again!! Needless to say it was a slow jog home.
Self massage it is then.

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Turbo Man said...

How is Dale? Is he fit?