Tuesday, 24 March 2009

the time is nearly here to leave England and venture back to the world of Trimania...gulp! Ironman South Africa ready or not here I come.

I have my worthy steed packaged with numerous other items to utilise the weight allowance of 23kg and my suitcase is filling nicely.

My new Helix wetsuit came today from my sponsor Blueseventy and very nice it is too. It fits where it touches. Really quick to get out of. Also got some great looking goggles with mirrored lenses. Cant wait to try them out. Will put a link to them when I get back.

I went for a massage tonight to iron out the lumps left over from last weeks Half marathon. Sore but worth every minute.... and penny! Thanks Hannah

In 2 days time i'll be somewhere over Africa heading to Port Elizabeth heading to the sun and warmth.

Hoping to get online and update while i'm there but otherwise you can hear from me when i get back. I'll be thinking about everyone watching with interest on www.ironmanlive.com and this will spur me on.



Mark "Frank" Whittle said...

Good luck Mat, I'll keep an eye out for you on the Ironman website. Good to have you back!

Tinman140 said...

Good luck, the way your racing at the moment even the Pro's are pulling out to save face

Mat Stephenson said...

cheers guys for the support.