Tuesday, 12 May 2009

10 mile TT bursts your lungs.

I have aquired this exotic beauty and tried it out tonight in the Warwickshire RC 10tt. It was windy and I felt the front end wobble a few times which was quite unnerving. I was told the course was worth a low 22 min but tonight with the wind I only managed a 23:49. and it hurt just as much as the TT the other week. The course is a two lap affair with a few turns and twists. The winning time was 22:30 by a rider who knocked out a 21:10 a few weeks ago. Sound promising. maybe i'll get under 22:30 sometime this year. I'm hoping to use this bike for the Brize Norton mini tri next week but it will need a little positional tweaking and I want to change the components from campag to shimano. I never liked campag!


Tinman140 said...

Campag Rocks!

Positive shifting

Mat Stephenson said...

clunky you mean!

Turbo Man said...

How did I miss this?

All I can say is "Wow!", looking forward to a closer look at BZN next week.

Now, now children, leave the Shimano V Campag debate alone - you'll be arguing tubs V clinchers next, and both are pointless discussions.