Sunday, 24 May 2009

back from cramp

whilst watching the Grand Prix this morning in the kitchen with the doors open to the beautiful sunshine I contemplated my calf injury. To my suprise I could feel no pain. A little poke here and there and it seemed 90% back to normal so as soon as Jenson was splahing the bubbles about I put the trainers on and went for a 4 mile run. Initailly the right ankle was sore but this was just stiffness. The calf was fine. 27 1/2 mins later I was back in the house and happy to to back training. Theres still plenty of stretching to be done and the achilles pain(rt side) I think is due to rubbing caused by the heel support/achilles cutaway. New Saucony trainers are on the way.
I'm now contemplating the racing strategy for this season. I'm still short of miles and time to train. I still have loads of Open University study to do and it gets in the way of training. But... its great to be back racing and this year will be the base for the next. Bring it on!

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Kelda said...

How can you say you're short of miles when you've done IMWA, London etc in awesome times!

Mixing very short (ie fast) though with the longer stuff is what stuffed my Achilles at the beginning of March, had to take 5 weeks off running and then 5 weeks to get back to where I had been so don't rush back too soon, once they start getting aggravated they are really tricky to get properly right again.