Friday, 15 May 2009

Feeling fresh and good to go!!!!

I have'nt really done much since returning from Cyprus as Ive been trying to catch up on my Open University Science degree that is breaking me!!!!! Its immunology at the minute and its complicated. I believe I should have been a pro athlete with not much brain power and my only stress was to when I will eat again or get my next nap. But I'm not and the OU is self inflicted and I just have to manage my time a bit better.
I did go for a wonderful massage last night though and my legs feel great and light again without lumps in my muscles. Ive also been sleeping a lot better which helps. It has been a busy month after all.
Today is all about studying but I'm planning on running over the weekend just to test my calves out again and I'm planning another 10tt on Tuesday then the mini tri on Wednesday.
have a great weekend!

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Sags said...

Go for the win on Wed dude. I will gladly hand over my title to you! i was only keeping it warm until you returned!