Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bala middle distance swin amd bike

it's been ages since i wrote anything online because i've been busy writing assignment and there's no point writing if i'm not training.
I got back from the training camp and tweaked my right achilles and have spent the last few weeks trying to get over that.
Today was the National Champs in Bala where I had I got a silver in 2005. It's one of the hardest races I have completed but today I didn't even get that far.
I had a good swim coming in about 7th in the vets wave. No splits yet! The bike leg started ok but I was obviously not in the mood or frame of mind to do well. My plan was to work hard on the way out and expected a tail wind home. Going into the turn I saw Jase Wakeley and was probably a few mins up due to the 10 min gap in waves. After the turn I made a few places but then started to lose them rapidly for no reason. It felt like riding with the brakes on. The return journey over the mountain was awful. I was dying! I'm sure there was a guy with trainers on and no straps who over took me. Bloody awful is an understatement. I took T2 easy reflecting on the Brize Norton event and set off easy to test the achilles tendon. hmmmm
A steady jog around the lake gave plenty of thinking time. My hips were hurting and then back ache and then the dreaded cramp I always get at Bala. Add to that the achilles injury that seemed to feel like it was building in pressure and after only a mile and a half I stopped, turned around and walked a long walk of self shame. Save the success for another day is the way I'm thinking. Analysis over, shame banished, move on.
Try again next week then it's a long few months of proper assessment and treatment ready for an Ironman.

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