Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Do I have to get used to being overtaken?

A week ago in Bala I was thinking the season was over but this week at the Dambuster I was determined to give the run a try and maybe even finish the race. Test the achilles! Hmmm.
The swim didnt go to plan. Nige was too far right and some fish like person (DS) on the left with Mike Masters dropping in on my heels for the first few hundred yards before he and someone else overtook me. A steady T1 and out onto the bike assuming everyone except Mike was up the road. How wrong I was. Only DS up the road as I had left T1 in 2nd place on the road.I did see him on the 'Ripple' up ahead. Westy came past on the 'Ripple followed by one of the fast boys from the next wave. I tried to up the pace but there was no power and i was pushing at least 3 gears too light at IM pace...maybe slower. Jas and Mal overtook me but I did catch DS at 20miles. The saving grace was I did feel like I was getting into a rythym at 20miles. I'm just not used to being caught on the bike after years of 'being a biker'.
An easy T2 to avoid the cramps I've been getting sort of worked as I got cramp in my inner thigh(thats a new one!) but I decided to run it off and finish the race. With Jase Wakely ahead and Mal Rose just behind I had an incentive. Going across the Dam I expected to see some other RAF guys but only Westy was ahead after I caught Jase. Confused I was. Maybe it was oxygen debt. The run went well if not slower than I'm used to but I was pleased to finish and hold off Jase for third. I didnt know I was overtaken by a RAF person(DS) because he didnt have the kit. An inherent problem we seem to have every year with suppliers! Would I have held him off?? maybe/maybe not. I did 2:03 a few years ago then did an Ironman a week later. This time it was 2:12 with an early season Ironman.
As it is my legs are screaming for mercy despite a post race massage. I did go for a gentle cycle ride tonight to try and ease them ready for some work prior to the Sprint Champs. See you there. God this short stuff hurts!


Mark "Frank" Whittle said...

"Do I have to get used to being overtaken?"
Welcome to my world Mat! :-)

Sags said...

It's just the Ironman stuff in your bike legs dude. Once you ramp up the bike efforts your speed will return! TTs are the way to go!! You could always become a slow swimmer like me; then you will be able to pass guys on the bike because you are so far behind 8-)

Turbo Man said...

I've been doing that for years Sags!