Thursday, 2 April 2009

hi everyone from PE

a quick update

i've had 3 punctures in 4 rides, stung on the shin by something? and stung around the throat by a bluebottle jellyfish!!! It hurt like hell and the pain lasted all day.

Went for a run with Daz and Mark H last night. One 8.3 mile lap but at 7.4 mph...easy peasy!

Today had a great swim today with Daz, Roger, Haldane and the BRAT guys, Mark H and Mark A. One lap easy in 29 mins and NO sharks!

Also went for a ride easy around the course 60km. Good to see the locals creating lots of debris cutting the verges....aaaaahhhhh!!! saw some antelope and mongoose today whilst riding.

I have now checked in and registered. NUMBER 1076.

weather looks to be favourable for a sub 10hr but hoping for 9.30 hmmm we'll see!



Turbo Man said...

Sounds wonderful (apart from the visits from the P*ncture Fairy). Best of luck for a great race.

Mat Stephenson said...

got slime in the tubes now! if its good enough for Raynaud Tissink its good enough for me.
Cheers Turboman