Tuesday, 21 April 2009

nearly London Marathon time!

with only a few days to go to the London Marathon I am starting to wonder just how I will run the race, I want to run sub 2hr 45min. Do I run a 1:20 followed by another with a few mins of leeway or nail it and hang on....hmmmm. It would be easier to make the decision if I had 1000's of long training miles.

I have done a handful of runs since the Ironman two weeks ago. A 4km jog a few days after. A 5.5 mile steady the weekend after. A fast 6.25 last Wednesday and 10x1min hill efforts last Thursday with the appropriate warm up and down. Last night I trained with the BRAT guys doing just shy of 10miles in 1hr 18min. I had a slightly painful massage tonight with Hannah. She manages to find all the knots!

just a bit of hydration and carbo loading then roll on Sunday and hope the Ironman has left my body.

Results to follow.....race number 756

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Kelda said...

Hi Mat,

Good luck for the weekend. Negative split, that's my advice! Nail it from the start is the road to destruction I'd say so soon after an IM!

Will be cheering you on ... sub 2:45 flippin' 'eck, in my dreams!