Sunday, 26 April 2009

London marathon update

well i managed to run all the way after finishing an Ironman Triathlon 3 weeks ago today. And in a fast(ish) time too. 2 Hrs 46 Mins 38 Secs........330 overall. Cant be bad, eh?

I went out for dinner with Daz and Anthea Sharpe last night and got back to the Easyjet hotel at Victoria with a painful tummy! Bless!
I was meant to meet Daz at Victoria Stn this morning but the gates to the Underground were locked and I missed the Tube having to make my way to Blackheath on my own. Waterloo was out of action. Good old London hosting the biggest race in the world decide to have line works on this weekend same as last year! Nice one Boris...numpty!
Chilled out in the AAA tent at Blackheath with RAF team. Caught up with old friends. Decided to warm up enroute...after all its a long way.
Set off easy so I thought but still went thru mile1 on 5:45ish. The plan was to run on feel and go steady to half about 1:20. I went thru on 1:19:30ish. not bad!
I started to miss the timings about 15-16 miles going thru in 6:50/mile when I was meant to be doing 6:15's hmmmm.
Mile 21 really suffering from quad cramp but trying hard not to think about it. We all know thought induced cramp brings it on more quick. At 22m I tried to quicken up, after some mental maths, to make 2:45.
The last 2.2 miles I felt like I was hammering along, despite the sore quads, but going no quicker.
With 800 metres to go I needed an olympic time to break 2:45 but still I tried. Better to try and fail than never try at all.
I did manage to catch a Navy runner about 10 metres from the line.

so positives....
I finished in the top 500
I was within a min of my pb depite doing an ironman 3 weeks ago
I tried a different running strategy that nearly paid off.
I had a massage after to help recovery
I'm in reasonably good shape and in for a good season
got to meet up with old friends

it was too hot(and that's beyond my control)
I missed my pb(so what, there'll be other times)
had tummy problems before and after the race

here's looking forward to Cyprus training camp!

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