Saturday, 4 April 2009

transition done,ready to GO!

hi all readers

The pasta party was last night and the opportunity to fill our faces with pasta and cakes and enjoy a show by some Zulu dancing. The hype was building and the goose bumps starting.

Today we have just checked into transition and both have good spots for the bike exit. Daz has an awesome spot for his bags too. Mine are OK, halfway up the racks. Gave our best wishes to Stephen and Bella Bayliss. What other sport do the pro's chat to you as an equal!! Good luck to all UK athletes.

We went to the Seaview Lion Sanctuary/Park yesterday and had photos taken with the lion cubs and a safari tour in our hire car BUT today we went to Kragga Kamma park to see the cheetah's. What an experience! We both had our photo's taken with Duma the full grown male. I layed behind him and stroked his head and cheeks. Then if that wasn't good enough the ranger took us into the one year cubs. Again we had lots of photos with the fastest mammal on earth. The best!

Went to the race brief this afternoon. There are plenty of penalty opportunities including for littering. You get a 100m window around the feeds otherwise its a yellow card and a stop, sign in and go. Drafting is 4min penalty.

We eat our final meal in about an hour then its bed then breakfast and HAMMERTIME!!

Heres hoping for a fast time.



RoyB said...

Awesome race today Matt and a top overall finish! looks like another expensive year are you going to kona again?

Turbo Man said...

Very well done Mat, awesome performance.